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Chrome coatings in glass processing

Especially in the course of metal coating for reflective purposes and the customer-specific design of glass surfaces, chrome coating in various thicknesses and light transmission grades is used. With reflection grades up to over 50 percent, such mirrors are equivalent to conventional mirrors but are much more robust and resistant at the same time.

Principally, all commercially available flat glass types are suitable for coating with chrome. The areas of the glass not to be coated are first covered using a special procedure.

The chrome layers are then applied step by step. By now, chrome-coated glass is a welcome and versatile design element, for example, for façades and interior design. Filigree shapes, logos or even photo-realistic graphics can be applied to the glass without damaging the glass itself.

The correct ratio between glass thickness and chrome coat is decisive for the functionality of a mirror. One specific area of metal-coated glass surface, for example, are security areas such as interrogation rooms. Experts refer to them as spy mirrors: The glass acts like a mirror from one side but allows seeing through it from the other side.

Chrome coating is also used for insulating glass surfaces.

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