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B2O3 glass: Resistant and robust

Chemistry is not for everyone. So it is fine if the term "B2O3" does not ring a bell, particularly in connection with glass. Let us have a look: B is boron, O is oxygen.

So the formula indicates two units of boron for three units of oxygen, which produces boron trioxide – B2O3. But whatever is that doing in glass? It practically works little miracles. One is the improved chemical resistance, another the improved strength of the glass.

And then there is also the resistance of this glass to strong temperature fluctuations in either direction. This type of glass is also known as Pyrex glass, for example.

These properties also determine the areas of application for this glass. It is popular in medicine and research as it has one other important feature, as practically all real glass: It does not react to the substances with which it comes into contact.

B2O3 glass is also an important material for the glass processing industry. It can be processed and finished easily using modern laser technology.

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