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Argon ion laser: High performance in the visible spectral range

Have you ever seen a really breathtaking laser show? A true feast for the eyes, right? If you have ever wondered how to use light beams to write delicate patterns into the sky or project them onto an object – here is the answer: Argon ion lasers work really hard while you are enjoying the great show.

Argon is an inert gas which the laser uses in an ionised form. It can make up to ten laser lines visible. These range in the blue, green and yellow-green colour spectrum.

Where else are argon ion lasers used apart from shows? In research, for example, or even in printing for high speed printing machines. Argon ion lasers are also used for holograms or for plotting photographs.

Medicine has recently become a very important field of application. Lasers have become an essential element of dentistry, for example. Laser technology is a quite practical invention which is continuously evolving.

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