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All-glass doors: Stylish separation or joining?

All-glass doors are frameless doors, existing at least of single-layer safety glass (ESG). They represent a stylish alternative to conventional doors and are often referred to as design element with joining properties.

Although it creates a division in the room, the glass door does not have a closing character; it rather adds spaciousness to a room. The product range in the area of all-glass doors is nearly unlimited.

For example, there are matted or varnished all-glass doors or all-glass doors featuring fluted bevels. So-called doors from relief melted glass have their very special appeal.

The glass for these doors is melted at high temperatures and then cooled without any auxiliary means, that is, it is left to itself. The glass thereby receives a new surface structure.

Because this process cannot be influenced, each all-glass door as relief melted glass door represents a very special item, distinct and unique. By the way: All-glass doors are available both as regular door and as sliding doors, swing doors and so on.

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