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Glass wall with LED light

and laser engraving

Anti-slip glass

surfaces Lasergrip®,

transparent and


Sub-Surface Engraving

Surface Engraving /Matting

To carry out the glass engraving, diode-pumped solid-state

lasers are used which operate with pulsed green laser radi-

ation at a wavelength of 532 nm. The sub-surface engraving

always requires a clear, smooth and transparent glass sur-

face so the laser beam can enter the glass unhindered. This

means already frosted or textured glasses or non-transparent

coatings on the glass surface cannot be used. As usually only

one side of the glass is frosted or coated, the engraving

can still be carried out from the other side of the glass.

Already existing coatings must be tested on possible impact

of the laser light. SSG or float glass, which runs through

further processing into safety glass, cannot be sub-surface

engraved reliable. The laser used for sub-surface engraving

can also do stripping works. It is worth noting here that

the glass exposed under the coating usually is not touched

or destroyed, it stays clear and smooth. Thus, commercially

available mirror glasses or glass with other coatings can be

decoated without effecting the glass surface.

For surface finishing, we equip our machines mainly with

CO2 lasers. The surface treatment with this laser can be

carried out on all commercially available flat glass products

without restrictions. All glass surfaces and many coatings

can be structured. The glass surface will be matted by the

CO2 laser beam. The matting results from a partial melting

of the glass surface. Laser-glass surfaces are therefore less

sensitive to fingerprints and soiling as e. g. glass surfaces,

that are roughened by means of sandblasting or chemical

etching. Another interesting application is the generation

of anti-slip glass surfaces. On CERION machines the patented

Lasergrip® method for slip resistance may be used in license

for walk-on glass. Values of R9 and R10 are certified.

Lasergrip® is characterized by transparency and durability.

Nothing is applied to the surface, but with the laser beam

micropores are generated, which are subject to practically

no wear.

Writing in glass

as sub-surface engraving

Glass door (SSG)

with surface engraving